Project Launch: Website Redesign for Pawsitive K9 Trainers, LLC

A multi-device mockup of the newly redesigned Pawsitive K9 Trainers, LLC website

Website Redesign for Pawsitive K9 Trainers, LLC

Pawsitive K9 Trainers has been providing puppy and dog training services in the West Valley, AZ area since 2018. They use positive reinforcement to teach dogs “wanted” behavior while creating a strong bond between dogs and their owners.

The Design Process

With the growing client base of Pawsitive K9 Trainers, it was time for a website refresh and update. Our goal was to provide a sleek, professional design that spoke to our client’s professionalism, experience, and beliefs. To do so, we first took the client’s logo and created a version that would fit better on her new site, and incorporated her colours (red, black, and white), with the nature and dog-loving aspects of her personality. We also provided copy editing services to refresh the content already written, as well as adding new content to better explain the services provided. We wanted the content to be easily digestible, breaking it up into sections for easy reading.

New Developments

Along with the design update came a few new features. The site is now built for ease of accessibility, WCAG compliance, and multi-device usage, as well as affiliate linking.

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